Publications - Antoine Jeanjean

• T. Benoist, A. Jeanjean, V. Jost (2014).
Call-Based Dynamic Programming for the Precedence Constrained Line Traveling Salesman.
In CPAIOR 2014, Cork (Ireland).

• T. Benoist, F.Gardi, A. Jeanjean (2013).
Lessons learned from 15 years of operations research for French TV channel TF1..
In Informs Interfaces 42(6), pp. 577-584.

• A. Jeanjean (2011).
Recherche locale pour l'optimisation en variables mixtes : Méthodologie et Applications industrielles
Phd Thesis - Ecole Polytechnique (France) – Advisor : Philippe Baptiste

• T. Benoist, B. Estellon, F. Gardi, A. Jeanjean (2010).
Randomized local search for real-life inventory routing :
In Transportation Science. Accepté, en cours de publication.

• Antoine Jeanjean (2010).
Resource scheduling optimization in mass transportation problems.
In PMS 2010, University of Tours, April 2010.

• T. Benoist, A. Jeanjean, P. Molin (2008).
Minimum Formwork Stock Problem on residential buildings construction sites.
Disponible en ligne sur le site de 4OR.
(4OR Volume 7, Number 3 / octobre 2009 ).

• T. Benoist, A. Jeanjean, G. Rochart, H. Cambazard, E. Grellier, N. Jussien (2006).
Subcontractors scheduling on residential buildings construction sites.
In ISS 2006, the 3rd International Scheduling Symposium (sous la direction de T. Ibaraki), Technical Report JSME-06-203, pp. 32-37, Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.

• A. Jeanjean (2004).
Optimizing Transportation Decisions in a Manufacturing Supply Chain.
Master Thesis - University of Oklahoma (USA) – Advisor : Suleyman Karabuk